Anyone who enjoys a good Final Fantasy game knows of the Chocobo Forests! It’s where one can obtain chocobos, information on Chocobos, gather food for Chocobos, or play the handy chocobo mini-games! ^_^

The forests (also known as Chocobo Woods) first appeared in Final Fantasy III, where one could get an Chocobo to travel the world map or play the mini quest to earn a reward. “Fat Chocobo” can also be summoned here. ^_-

One of my favorites is the Chocobo Forest of Final Fantasy IX (9), as they have the unique mini-game of “Hot and Cold”.  The point of this game is to dig for treasures and much needed items for the quest, earning the player additional points which one can trade in for extra items!  Following the Chocobo’s calls of “Kweh…” or “Kweeeeeh!”, every time you dig in a spot, you can find treasures. Hence the name of the game. ^_^

And the theme song for Hot and Cold is pretty neat! ^_-

-Kweh (End)!