On March 9th 2010, Final Fantasy XIII (13) was released to the US. The game features a character named Sazh and a baby Chocobo, who lives in the hero’s afro-hairstyle. ^_^

The baby Chocobo is a gift for Sazh’s son, yet this former airship pilot travels with this very cute Chocobo, the chocobo comfortably living in Sazh’s fro.

The name of this baby Chocobo is unknown, but it’s not lacking in personality! He (or she?) serves as an sort of conscience for Sazh, making sure that former pilot stays out of too much trouble, but also causing some mischief of it’s own… Of course. ^_-

At one point in the game, Sazh and another character (Vanille) are chasing around the baby Chocobo, as she (or he) follows a group of  older and bigger Chocobos. ^o^

-Kweh (End)!