We all know of the classic yellow birds, but there are other colors, which the Chocobo come in. Some are unaware of the different colors and breeds, which was introduced in the Final Fantasy VII (7)  and Tactic series.  So, for those who haven’t yet had the honor of  playing either of the series, here’s some info on it. ^_-

(images from: http://www.ffonline.com/ff7/chocobos.htm)

In Final Fantasy VII, there is the option to breed and name your own Chocobos. Each color has it’s own special ability, to help navigate the world map:

– Yellow can travel on land and beaches only.

– Green can travel on land and over mountains.

– Blue can travel on land and in water, yet not deep waters.

– Black can travel on land, over mountains, across rivers. But not over deep waters.

-Gold can travel any land and over water, deep included!

But it wasn’t until FFXII, that two new colors were introduced, red and white!

Though, these Chocobos are major bosses in the FFVII game and cannot be used for our heroes, only fought against… u_u

But red and white Chocobos are obtainable in the Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics A2 series., as Chocobos are  added into your army, to battle foes on a tactical battlefield. ^_^

-Kweh (End)!