Either way you choose to call out in Chocobo, welcome to my tiny fan-blogger, fellow fans of these awesome huge birds! And for those who are new and curious, welcome to you too! ^_^

Chocobos are the known side-characters from Final Fantasy video game series. They are giant ostrich like birds, often in yellow, and are known for their huge hearts and cheerful personalities. Without them, the main characters of the game (aka: YOU) wouldn’t  be able to travel very far, to special hidden areas and side-quests of the game series, or long distances across the world map.

The standard yellow Chocobo

 And NO… you’re not allowed to eat the Chocobo! Stop that…. I see you! >_<

Not that one could eat an Chocobo, as they are very fast runners. This is the thrill of  obtaining one, to speed across plains and mountains on a Chocobo, with the wind flowing through your hair! It’s best to get ann Chocobo for long trips, rather than to walk slowly from one part of the map to another. And walking  gets lame after a while, because it’s so very slow!!! Why walk, when you can race? =p

Also a chocobo is not to be taken lightly! In a handful of  the game series, they are known to peck, kick, and stomp on anything that is an threat. Chcobos are even known to fight in battles with their respective owners, killing off forested monsters. And that’s not all… Chocobo’s are useful in many other ways, like kicking open treasure boxes or hunting down lost treasure! But, I’ll write more on that later. ^_-


 Chocobos do have their own theme song in the video game, which varies in style from game to game (see: Chocobo Themes). They also have their own separate video games: “Chocobo Dungeon” (1 & 2), “Chocobo Racing”, and “Chocobo Tales”. And there are tons of Chocobo plushies, key-chains, posters, and other assorted items with the Chocobo name and face attached to them! Yay! ^o^

Chocobos are pretty popular, for just an “side-character” of the game series. Yet anyone who plays ANY one of the Final Fantasy game, they do recognize the importance and awesomeness of these majestic birds right away. It only takes ONE game for a person to be bitten by the Chocobo-fever. ^_-

-Kweh (End)