No, I haven’t forgotten about these Chocobos, just hadn’t gotten to that part of Final Fantasy XIII (13) yet. But yes, there are a new breed of Chocobos in the new Final Fantasy game, not just the baby chicks. =p

Gran Pulse Chocobo

Gran Pulse Chocobos are much larger than the Cocoon variety, not to mention that they look so awesome too! Pulse Chocobos have two long ear-like appendages dangling on either side of their heads, giving them that 80’s-punk look. They are found in the Font of Namva area within the Archylte Steppe.  There is an Cie’th Mission to drive away a pack of monsters, named Sahagins, and if the mission is successful then allows the heroes to ride the Chocobo across the Steppe. ^_-

I personally seem to like the new look of this Chocobos, because it reminds me David Bowie’s mullet-look, in The Labyrinth. o_O



-Kweh (End)!