In Final Fantasy IX (9), two Black Mages find an egg and take it back to their village. From the egg hatched an Chocobo and they named him “Bobby Corwen”! And when Bobby Corwen is hatched, they raise the little Chocobo as their own child, with love and affection. Even chasing away a character named Quina, who tries to eat the poor Chocobo! >_<

Quina Quen

This particular Chocobo serves as an important lesson for the Mage village, adding a nice message to the Final Fantasy IX story. As a little Mage named Vivi wonders if himself and the rest of the Mages of the village are nothing more but puppets. Kuja and his army created the Black Mages, for part of his evil war to destroy the world…. muhahahahah! >_>

But the the birth of Bobby Corwen gives the other Mages and Vivi such joy, as they weep at his birth, so very happy. It is then that Vivi concludes that himself and the other Mages are not mere puppets, as they experience much joy over Bobby Corwen’s birth. ^_^

The name “Bobby Corwen” is also an anagram for “Boco”, the first Chocobo to appear in the Final Fantasy series. ^_-

-Kweh (End)!