The Fat Chocobo (also known as “The Big Chocobo”) first made it’s appearance in Final Fantasy III. And it could only be summoned by using a carrot, in the areas that “smells like Chocobos”. These areas were in towns and also the airship of this game, “The Invincible”. The function of these Chocobos are to store items for players, as these huge birds stomachs serve as a safe. As a quote from one girl in the game, “Fat Chocobo can store items in its belly! Isn’t that hilarious? And slightly disturbing?” ^_^

 The Fat Chocobo does appear in most Final Fantasy games, but in the series of Final Fantasy V (5) and Final Fantasy VII (7), the role of these huge birds have changed. They were no longer used for storing items, but instead became battle summons! Calling on a Fat Chocobo, to land on your enemies and crush them, would earn you a big push on the battle field. ^_-

Though, some may worry about this Chocobo’s feelings… of being called “Fat” and also being used to store a lot of items in it’s jolly belly. Or to sit on enemies as a battle tactic, crushing the monsters into dust, with it’s massively huge butt. Are we really making fun of this bird’s weight!?O_O

Either way, the Fat Chocobo doesn’t seem to mind. It’s as friendly and cheerful as any other Chocobo, forget the skinny and skanky Chocobos! And it’s the huge weight of the Fat Chocobo that seems to make it one of the popular breeds among gamers, within Final Fantasy series.   Haven’t you shouted out in glee, a few times, “Fat Chocobo!!!!”, while playing this game? I have! ^_-

-Kweh! (End)