Chocobo Knights are a group of mounted knights, who use trained Chocobos to ride into battle. This is a new concept of the Final Fantasy world. The idea was first introduced in Final Fantasy X (10), then bought back again in Final Fantasy XI (11)  and Final Fantasy X-2 (FF-10’s sequel).

In Final Fantasy X, The Chocobo Knights of Spira are an elite group of mounted soldiers. The main characters of this elite group is Captain Lucile, a kind yet serious woman; Elma, a very cheerful and upbeat soldier; and Clasko, a very nervous and often viewed as incompetent soldier. He later leaves the Chocobo Knights for his true calling… more on that later. ^_-

Chocobo Knights also show up in the Nintendo DS game, “Final Fantasy A2: Grimoire Of The Rift”. Though the riders aren’t humans, like in the other Final Fantasy series, but that of Moogles. Moogles are another recurring creature in Final Fantasy, much like Chocobos, and they have a unspoken friendship with Chocobos in general… But this a blog just for Chocobos, so you will have to look up more on Moogles: here .

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