Hiyas! This blog is written and created by me,Dani, on a whim of extreme boredom. ^o^

I am 29 years old (as of the creation of this blog) and have enjoyed Final Fantasy since the age of 17, when I finally got my own Playstation, complete with Final Fantasy VII (7). I own almost all of the FF series, except for a few Chocobo titled games and Final Fantasy 11. And I’ve completed all but one game of my collection, because Final Fantasy 1 is just so VERY boring to me! =p

You may be wondering why I would make a blogger about Chocobo… you may even shout, “Why not one about moogles or moombas!”, “Why not about the awesome summons?”, “Or about any number of kick-ass main characters in any series ever!?” … Well, it’s all been done. And since there aren’t many sites dedicated to these awesome birds, I thought it would be more fun to create a blog on Chocobos instead. ^_-

Thanks for visiting and for reading! I do enjoy writing and adding to this blogger weekly. ^_^