Clasko is a young man who first appeared in Final Fantasy X (10) and also makes a return in Final Fantasy X-2 (10-2, the sequel). He starts off as an Chocobo Knight, but never felt comfortable in his position. Yet he loves Chocobos and took care of them very well. ^_^


He later leaves his position of Chocobo Knight, becoming an Chocobo Breeder instead, in a cave of the Calm Lands within X-2. This is his true calling! He  hires ex-Summoners, Pacce and The Kindergaurdians, to protect his Chocobo ranch from the monsters who wish to eat or attack the birds.  ^_-

Clasko is a true and loving friend to all Chocobos. And probably their first #1 fan in all Final Fantasy history.  He’s  happy pursuing his true calling as a Chocobo Breeder and ever still passionate about the care of these majestic birds. Kudos to the former Chocobo Knight! ^o^

-Kweh (End)!